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1962 Fender Stratocaster




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Hello Old Friend- remember the song?

That's what it was like when I picked this up, cant explain it - it's just so fabulous to play.

Here is the Technical: Origianl finish was stripped down to the natural Mahogany and hand-finished with Tung Oil to reveal a beautiful wood grain.

VERY stunning for Mahogany.

Just LOOK at the finish!



  • Natural Tung-Oil finish
  • One-piece Mahogany neck
  • 22 fret Rosewood fingerboard
  • Dual open-coil humbuckers
  • Black Top Hat knobs with silver inserts
  • Hardshell Case
  • Graphite nut
  • I love this guitar.

Guild S300A-D
Guild S300A-D guitar
Guild S300A-D guitar

Guild S300A-D

This is a real rocker!

This guitar was supposedly once owned by Dave Hill of Slade. I dont know if it was, but I am assured by the lad I bought it from that it was.

I once had the great pleasure of playing with Slade in the Isle of Arran around 69-70. What a week we had. They were a brilliant rock band then. Happy Days!

This is a real guitarists guitar and it weighs a bloody ton! But what a sound.

2003 Hamer Studio Mint Unplayed guitar
2003 Hamer Studio Mint Unplayed
Plugged in 2003 Hamer Studio Mint Unplayed

2003 Hamer Studio Mint Unplayed

Plugged in to make sure it worked and that is all.

Beautiful example of this American beauty in Aztec Gold. Complete in Custom Hamer Case with all tags and warranty this guitar lists at $3000+$180 for the case.

Here is the factory spec:
A hand-crafted Honduras Mahogany body & bookmatched Flamed Maple top is lovingly finished with 14 layers of hand-buffed lacquer. It's oversized dovetail joint connects a 3-piece Mahogany neck with a quarter-sawn Rosewood fingerboard and Mother-of-Pearl crown inlays.

Add the best hardware in the guitar world, two Seymour Duncan '59 pickups, and you've got an instrument that's as beautiful as it is playable.

and the link:

Heritage SAE Cutaway

Heritage SAE Cutaway

Here is a very,very, rare guitar.

This is the Heritage SAE Cutaway made for only a short time around 91-93.

Not many of these were sold as people thought they looked real strange. In fact they were made to look like a early 18th centuary instrument on purpose.

It has a Mike Christian transducer bridge and is perfect for the acoustic player who likes to play electric now and again. It will never ever feedback.

Made of course at the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo this one dates from 1991 and is already worth twice what it cost new.

Ovation VXT Hybrid

Ovation VXT Hybrid guitar

Ovation VXT Hybrid

I know what you are thinking, he has bought himself a NEW guitar! Yes I must confess after watching the videos of it on You Tube I thought "gotta get myself one of these" so a phone call to my friend at Ovation in the States and a week later here it is! All I am going to say about is that this is a fantastic guitar that suits the way I play so much I feel as if I designed it myself.

Here is the Ovation blurb.
Let me introduce myself.
I am the new VXT Hybrid. I am the the ideal guitar for players looking for maximum acoustic and electric versatility in one simple to operate instrument. Tonal diversity is what I'm all about. Pan from sweet acoustic finger style to hard driving power chords with one simple turn of a knob. Or, combine the two for complex mixtures of everything in between.

Electrically, two Seymour Duncan '59 humbucking pickups provide the power and cover a wide range of styles - from blues, to jazz, to heavy metal crunch. Acoustically, I've got a VIP virtual microphone imaging preamp. This brand-new technology enables players to dial in a natural, studio-quality acoustic sound with unlimited headroom and no feedback hassles.

John Birch Custom SG guitar
John Birch Custom SG

John Birch Custom SG

I get so much mail about the John Birch custom I have which is brilliant I thought I would get another one.

This is a SG custom dating from the 70's with all the usual JB "tricks" 25 frets a multitude of knobs that all do something and a unbelievable variation of tones.

Since I wrote the first thing about him I have learned that he sadly died in 2000.

He made fantastic guitars.

UNK All Korina with P90's guitar
UNK All Korina with P90's guitar

UNK All Korina with P90's

The UNK all Korina with P90's.
I have waited months to get this. The legendary Paul Unkert, guitar designer extrordinaire has started his own company and I have managed to obtain one.
This is a fabulous instrument. It is the first one in the UK at date of writing [July 2008] All Korina the tone and sustain this has is fantastic. My thanks to my good friend Greg Dorsett of Rock Stars Guitars for managing to persuade Paul to make me one, as they are flying out of the doors in the music shops in the USA. Mine has the brilliant new "Stetsbar" trem system on it.
Find out about them here: http://www.unkguitars.com/

I am about to start touring again, yes, even at my advanced age it never goes away, so if I am playing in a town near you come and hear this wonderful guitar.

P.S. The one I have is the very guitar from the Guitar and Bass Magazine review.

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