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1962 Fender Stratocaster




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John Birch Custom Guitar

John Birch Custom Guitar

John Birch Custom Guitar

7 knobs on the John Birch Custom Guitar

You know, it's true what they say "Life's a bitch" here I am quite content building up my collection of ?????? and thinking "this is it, the finest thing I ever played" then along comes this thing.

It all started innocently enough, I got a call one day from a really nice guy in California called Greg Dorsett. Greg has a company called Rockstarsguitars, and we were just chatting when he told me he collected John Birch guitars.
I found this very strange, as the way I remembered it, if you made it big in the 70's and early 80's and were into glam rock you got yourself a custom made John Birch. He made some really weird looking guitars and I used to think "ach it's just a weird looking guitar" WRONG!

This thing is fantastic. 7 knobs and a 3 way switch what more could you wish for? Believe it or not every knob has a specific function e.g. Phase control, change from full blown double humbuckers to single coil at the tiniest turn of a knob, and the tones are incredible.

Trying to research John Birch himself is nigh impossible. All I have been able to find out is that he started in Birmingham in 1970 made guitars for people like Brian May, Slade, Black Sabbath, Ritchie Blackmore, Roy Wood, Roy Orbison, Tony Iommi and loads of "pop stars" some who could play, some who well....

This one apparently belonged to "China Crisis" and that would date it to early 1980's. It has no model or serial numbers so I presume it was custom made.

The original John Birch Guitars went bankrupt sometime in the late 80's/90's but have been resurrected I am glad to say. I don't even know if John Birch himself is still alive, but if he is..... Sir I salute you, you made the finest electric guitar I have ever played.
Now I know what Greg Dorsett was talking about.

National EG685-2RG in box Guitar
National Guitar
National Guitar
National Guitar & Chaz
Playing the National Guitar

National EG685-2RG

Say National to people and they say "Dobro". While this is true, Electric models were produced in Japan from 1970 making them about the first US brand to be produced there.

This is one of them. I cannot tell you much about this guitar except it is probably early 70's, looks fab and plays very very well. It has a great bluesy tone from it's mini humbuckers.

If anyone out there knows anything about these Nationals or has ever seen another one, drop me a line.

1989 Swiss Made Levinson Blade
Swiss Made Levinson Blade
Guitar & Chaz
Swiss Made Guitar & Chaz
Levinson Blade & Chaz
Swiss Guitar & Chaz
Swiss Levinson Blade
Swiss Made Levinson Blade & Chaz

Swiss Made Levinson Blade

A little pun there for all you old Del Shannon fans. This is a 1989 Swiss Made Levinson Blade. It is a RH1. Do you ever watch a concert on tv and think "He's playin a Strat" then "No he's not, whats that?" Odds are it is one of these. If you are not familiar with what this guitar does look it up. For a review check out http://reviews.harmonycentral.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Levinson+Blade/RH-1/10/1

Remember this is NOT a English or Japanese one. This is the real thing. The Swiss Made.

Apologies for my model Mr Chaz Stewart. It was nearly a " Pry it out of my cold dead hand" deal

Gordon Smith Prototype
Gordon Smith Prototype guitar
Gordon Smith Guitar
Chaz & Gordon Smith Guitar
Gordon Smith Guitar & Chaz
Chaz playing Gordon Smith Guitar
Playing guitar
play gordon smith prototype guitar
playing Gordon Smith Prototype Guitar

Gordon Smith Prototype

Look at this.

Serial number 00085.

I think it is a prototype for the Gemini.

One of the first guitars they made.

This cost lots and lots of pennies when it was new around 1979.

Look at the finish and craftsmanship.

You should hear this thing, it wants to go all night long.

It is a dream to play but very heavy.

Chaz Stewart playing very rare American Fender Strat Hardtail

1976 Very Rare American Fender Strat Hardtail

Forget your modern Strat this is the Biz. 30 years old and what a sound. Completely original and sounds like Hendrix just put it down.

Ach, stop reading and looking at Chaz Stewart in love and have a wee listen.

Play mp3 of Fender Strat Hardtail

Gibson 335 Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

The arrival of the Les Paul Studio in 1983 offered guitarists all the essential elements of a Les Paul Standard, including a carved top and humbucking pickups, in a simple yet elegant design.

It quickly became the most popular model in the Les Paul Series.

Cutting-yet-rich tone -- the hallmark of the LP -- pours out of the 490R and 498T alnico magnet humbucker pickups.

It has gone on tour through 2 different bands and as you can see has some nicks and scratches but still has the good as new LPG sound that this guitar is known best for.

Tan hardshell case included.

Godin A6 Session Guiitar
Godin A6 session guitar
Godin A6 guitar

Goden A6 Session Guitar

Godin A6 The Ultimate Session Guitar

You might look at this wonder what is that?

I can guarantee you have heard one of these, it is the favourite guitar of session players the world over.

They dont make them anymore.
Godin, who are Canadian, are now into producing synth guitars so these are very rarely on the market.

Look this guitar up it is the ultimate electro/acoustic because it doesn't feedback.

Complete with Godin fitted case.

Les Paul Jimmy Wallace guitar
The Les Paul Jimmy Wallace Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Wallace guitar

Les Paul Jimmy Wallace

The Holy Grail of Gibson is the 1959 Les Paul Standard Flametop.

These sell for $250,000-300,000+ in the States. I could have bought one once in 1962 for £60.00. Needless to say I knocked it back and bought a Burns Black Bison instead.
Anyway I still don't have one but I do have this. The Holy Grail of non millionaire guitarists-The Les Paul Jimmy Wallace. If you have never heard of it don't feel ashamed as they are extremely rare.

Here is what the guitar Bluebook says about it:
"These instruments are considered desirable because Gibson [unofficially] duplicated an original 1959 Les Paul Standard almost exactly for a few companies, including Leo's in California, The Guitar Trader in New Jersey and Jimmy Wallace through Arnold and Morgan Music in Texas. These companies custom ordered Les Paul models that were patterened exactly after an original Gibson 1959 Standard Model and feature individualized truss rod covers"

This whole deal was known as the "Kalamazoo Custom Order." I thought I had it well hidden but my beloved clocked it last night, and as she wants to go to Sedona in Arizona on holiday where the only music shop sells music boxes ---God---

2005 Ovation LX Legend.

This is brand new.

I have a friend in the Ovation factory.

Gibson Blueshawk 1998 blues guitar
Gibson Blueshawk

Gibson Blueshawk 1998

Gibson Blueshawk 1998

This is a fantastic guitar if you are into the Blues.

If you are not familiar with it, it is unlike any Gibson you have ever heard.
These are hugely popular amongst guitarists, we even have our own Blueshawk Fan Club on the web.

Beautiful guitar, I might not sell it.

Gretsch Electromatic guitar

Gretsch Electromatic

Gretsch Electromatic

Its Gary Glitter time....
70/80s Electromatic Gold Sparkle.

Plays great but at 58 I think Im too old for it now.

Still got the £350 sticker on it and thats when £350 was a lot of money.

Looks fantastic but I need the room!

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1990
Les Paul Standard Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1990


Gibson Les Paul Standard 1990

My beloved Les Paul Standard.
When I think of all the years when I couldn't afford one of these!

Totally original, I probably wont sell it, but wave a more than a grand at me and I will think about it!

See & Hear this Guitar (Windows Media Player - download)

PRS soapbar singlecut guitar
PRS soapbar singlecut

PRS soapbar singlecut as new...

Some people dont know what they are talking about these days.
This is a great guitar. I bought it new 2 yrs ago, set it up and have only played it at home.

Super little guitar.

PRS custom 22 PRS custom 22
Birds - PRS custom 22

PRS Custom 22

PRS Custom 22

10 top with Birds serial# 5 23521.

So I guess that makes it a 1995.

Beautiful Blue-Grey colour with fantastic 10 top.

Rickenbacker 360 Stereo
Rickenbacker 360 Stereo guitar

Rickenbacker 360 Stereo

Rickenbacker 360 Stereo

It cost me £1900 to import this.

Its a 1992 custom vintage pickups stereo/mono.
Yep thats right it has two inputs, 1 stereo 1 mono.

If the original jingle jangle Ric sound is what you are after, then this is for you.

Yamaha AEX520
Yamaha AEX520

Yamaha AEX520

Do you like Martin Taylor?
Do you like Blues?

The AEX520 is a semi-hollow electric with F-holes, a 20-fret, 24 3/4-in. scale bolt-on maple neck, durable Rosewood fingerboard, Gold hardware, 3-per-side Gold tuners, slant headstock, and Tune-O-Matic style bridge with stop tailpiece.
Simplified electronics (Master Volume and Tone; 3-way pickup selector switch).

But this thoroughbred asserts its own musical personality as well, thanks to the tonal possibilities offered by the unique combination of a Figured Maple top, mated to an Alder body-plus the aforementioned mini-humbuckers, beautifully appointed with Gold covers.

Not my words but Harmony Centrals. Read the reviews of this cracker.

PRS custom 24 PRS custom 24
PRS custom 24 with case

PRS Custom 24

Yep this is the one with the sweet switch.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 24.

The is the original early design with small heel, sweet switch and Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard complete with birds, made in the original Factory to the original design.

This great instrument is in its original case with the original plectrums, tags etc, it is Black with the exposed binding to the top.

Apart from one minute chip on the headstock this guitar is in fantastic condition and looks plays, feels & sounds wonderful.

As you can see even Sod the cat thinks it is wonderful.

signed guitar signed guitar

In June of 2004 at the same time Eric was auctioning his guitars in aid of his rehab clinic called "Crossroads"
There also took place a Blues festival in Dallas in aid of the same thing. http://crossroadsguitarfestival.org/artists.html

There were many items for sale there, I bought this.

It is autographed by Eric Clapton, BB King, JJ Cale, Jonny Lang, Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana.

Unless you have over £10,000 - Just admire it!

PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature

PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature

PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature.

As you can see this is not the cheapie SE but the real thing.

$5000 cost what do you think this very rare fantastic machine is worth?

PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature
Paul Red Smith guitar
PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature Guitar

PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature
receipt for PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature - $5000
PRS Mark Tremonti Tribal Signature

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic

Gibson Les Paul Classic

1995 Les Paul Classic.

Reissue of the famous 1960 Cherry Sunburst Standard.

Factory Hardcase

The Factory write up says it all....

This guitar is based on a 1960s Les Paul Standard Classic and has all the features which made that model highly sought after, including a carved maple top, green key and inlay vintage vibe, nickel hardware.

The Les Paul Classic features a true 60's slim tapered neck and the 496R/500T Ceramic Magnet humbucking pickups.
Binding - Single-ply top and fingerboard
Body - Carved maple top, Mahogany body
Bridge/Tremolo - ABR/Stop bar
Controls - Two volume, two tone, three-way switch
Fingerboard - Rosewood
Frets - 22
Inlays - classic trapezoid
Machine Heads - Vintage style/Green buttons
Neck Joint - Set-neck
Neck Material - Mahogany/1960 Slim taper
Pickguard - Classic Les Paul
Pickups - 496R ceramic magnet humbucker 500T ceramic magnet humbucker
Scale - 24 3/4 inch
Hardware - Nickel


PRS signature

PRS Brazilian 24 limited edition
front of PRS Brazilian 24 limited edition

back of PRS Brazilian 24 limited edition

PRS Brazilian 24 Limited Edition

2004 BRAND NEW BRAZILIAN CUSTOM 24 LIMITED EDITION The PRS Brazilian Limited run consisted of 500 signed Custom 24 guitars all signed and numbered by Paul Reed Smith himself.

This guitar has a mahogany body and neck. The top is quilted maple designated with a '10' on the back of the headstock. The fingerboard is Brazilian Rosewood - this particular board has a ton of color. The headstock has a Brazilian Rosewood overlay with the Paul Reed Smith signature and 'Brazilian' inlayed into it. The birds inlays are pink heart abalone - an option only previously available on a Private Stock. Pink heart abalone has much more figure to it than the standard abalone.

This guitar has the standard HFS and Vintage Bass pickups. The rest of the hardware is a combination of gold and nickel. Has two gold tremolo arms 1 straight, 1 offset. #396 of 500. Wide thin neck carve with trem. In 100% mint/ unplayed condition.

Comes with the original case, extra backplate, all paperwork, including the warranty card that has never been filled out.

Takamine EGS430SC Guitar
Takamine EGS430SC

Single cutaway Takamine EGS430SC.

The one with the active electronics. Little bit of damage on this guitar [cracks] but plays perfectly.

Human offers please.

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