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1962 Fender Stratocaster




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Some people ask me what was the first guitar you "collected".
Here it is; 1958 Les Paul Junior TV.

This was the first year of the double rounded cutaway horns and the multi-layer pickgaurd. Stupidly 30 years ago I replaced the original tailpiece/bridge and machine heads and didnt keep the originals!

The colour is the original "limed mahogany TV finish" or as we call it "Boke Yellow"

1991 Gibson Chet Atkins SST in Box
1991 Gibson Chet Atkins SST
Chet Atkins & Chaz
1991 Gibson Chet Atkins & Chaz Stewart

1991 Gibson Chet Atkins SST

Here being put through it's paces is a 1991 Gibson SST "Chet Atkins". This model is now discontinued, dont know if that's due to the fact that Chet has passed on or what, but Gibson made a mistake in stopping production of this baby.
As some of you know I lived in the USA for a number of years, and I remember clearly one night in 1981 in Sarasota Florida, we were in the middle of moving house and the TV's were not hooked up and so I put on the radio. Coming forth was a Classical guitar concert and I thought "hmm unusual for here" and kept on unpacking. I went back into the room a few minutes later and it had changed to Jazz guitar and then it went into sort of Rock-a-Billy mode. I thought "Jings! who the dickens is that?" It was of course Mr Atkins live from Atlanta and I remember being a little ashamed that I had thought he was a sort of fancy Duane Eddy, who by the way is also miles better than his records.
Modelling this cracker today is my fellow guitar nut and great pal "The Bert Weedon of Ballachulish" Mr Chaz Stewart.

Epiphone EA-25-
Epiphone Guitar
Chaz playing Epiphone EA-250
playing Epiphone
Chaz playing Epiphone

Epiphone EA-250

Cant afford a 335? this is the guitar for you. Not to be confused with the rubbish made in Korea. This is a blue label Kalamazoo Michigan Job. Except that the label also says made in Japan. Epiphone/Gibson started making guitars there in 1970 and stopped in 1984 when they moved to Korea. It is impossible to date this as nobody ever kept records of the Japanese serial numbers but due to the fact that I am an old git and have come across these a lot in the past I would say it is early 70's. If you want the serial number to try and trace it get in touch. This guitar was one of the many 335 type guitars out there all be it one of the better ones.
It is crazy you know, what guitars are worth now, I once bought a 1966 Epiphone Casino [American] for £3 and was very happy when I sold it a couple of years later for £20
Apologies for the flash photo of Mr C. Stewart, I thought he might look better lit up.

This is a 1984 GIBSON Flying V GUITAR - SERIAL # 82754531


This Guitar plays and sounds absolutely fantastic.
The neck is straight, frets are still very good and has ebony fretboard with dot inlays.
Original hardcase and original whammy bar are included.

This guitar is super solid, high quality built.
The guitar does have some minor nicks and scratches, also some of the finished paints is worn/chipped but does not detract from this 20+ yr old classic.

The Ultimate Telecaster!
Telecaster Deluxe
Custom Telecaster

The Ultimate Telecaster

The Ultimate Telecaster!

This is not a Fender. This is better.
This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands.

Custom Telecaster Deluxe
Built with USA Parts
Swamp ash body with flamed maple front
Birdseye maple neck
"Hot Rails" type Joe Barden Pickups
- slim humbuckers
Mighty Mite Telecaster Bridge
Wilkinson tuners
CTS Electrics Tone / Volume / Switch
Other hardware is genuine Fender

This guitar has been assembled from USA manufactured quality parts - the Mighty Mite telecaster body has a gorgeous highly figured flamed maple cap over a swamp ash base - take a good look at the photographs - the high gloss finish will not disappoint. The body has been routed to take pickups without having to use a scratchplate - this is to best show off the timber finish.

The Mighty Mite neck is a vintage type telecaster neck made from birdseye maple. Look at the close up photo to see the bidseye effect whorls in the timber grain.

The Hot Rail pickups give a full power humbucker tone but still preserves the tightly focussed Telecaster sound. With the volume backed off a bit they give a traditional Telecaster tone but when wound up give a creamy crunchy rock overdrive.

Gibson 335 Studio
Gibson 335 Studio

GIBSON 335 STUDIO For those of you who have never seen one, this is one solid guitar.
Here is a review of it I found:
Price Paid: US $1056 used Features: 10
1989 red ES 335 Studio, Grovers (retrofitted, just like a regular 335 but w/o F holes, neck binding, and headstock inlay. No frills, just all business. Everything you need for a professional class musical instrument.
Sound: 10
I use it through a 1967 Vibrolux mostly. THere is no noise whatsoever and it never feeds back. I would call the sound medium bright, less so than a 335 with f-holes. More of a Les Paul type sound, although access to the high frets is much better than on a Les Paul. I use it for Blues, Rock, and Jazz, and it does it all. THis is the most versatile guitar I've ever played (I've owned about 100 over the years).
Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
I did not buy the guitar new, so I can't speak about how it was set up, but the workmanship is without flaw. For a 16 year old guitar that's been regularly used, everything works great.
Reliability/Durability: 10
I use this axe every week without a backup. If I break a string, I can change it in about 2 minutes. The finish has held up nicely and it still looks nearly new. With proper care, this guitar will last me 40 more years.
Customer Support: 10
I've not dealt with Gibson directly about this guitar, but they were very helpful in providing me information/ documentation about my 1950 ES 175. Gibson did not get to be the #2 producer (and makers of the BEST guitars) of U.S. guitars for nothing.
Overall Rating: 10
I've been playing guitar for 30 years and own a bevy of other guitars, Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Taylor, etc. The ES 335 Studio is my favorite guitar in the bunch and I would definitely replace it with another (if I could find one) if it got stolen on damaged. This is my most versatile guitar and can be used with any type of music.
Submitted by Carl LaFong at 01/23/2002 12:17

As I said it is really solid. It is way heavier than a LP and so you get more sustain. I use it a lot.

Gibson Melody Maker 1965
Gibson Melody Maker
Gibson MM 1965
Gibson Melody Maker 1965
Gibson guitar

Gibson Melody Maker 1965

1965 Gibson Melody Maker.

Stamped 286541. Hard shell case included.
Setup is same as Les Paul. 2 PUs, 2 tone controls, 2 volume controls, selector switch. + whammy bar.

The condition is good. Very normal for a guitar this age. Typical checking in the cherry finish. No cracks or breaks in the mahogany body, or in the neck, which I think is rosewood. Gold Grovers.

A true Vintage Gibson.

Collectors Dream.


These are fantastic. This is what a Les Paul should be.

For those of you who dont know about Heritage Guitars - visit their website

In a nutshell when Gibson closed their orginal factory in Kalamazoo in 1975 and opened their Nashville plant they said OK boys you've all got new jobs down in Tennessee lets gooooooooooo!
But a lot of the Luthiers didnt want to go and said F*** off!
It took them a long time but they eventually got the money together, bought the factory and all its machinery and started making real Gibsons again except now they are called Heritage!
This is a Heritage H150 [Les Paul Standard to you and me] which again I may or may not sell. I found another one in Las Vegas 4 weeks ago and it hasnt arrived here yet. If it doesnt arrive soon, this one aint going anywhere.
This is a fantastic guitar. Gary Moore plays one, I play one, its great.
There is a sunburst one of these for sale here. adirondackguitar.com
It is $2300. So start bidding and lets see how you do.
This one was made 11th February 2001.
It was the third instrument made that day.

Schecter Telecaster Guitar
Schecter Telecaster
Schecter Guitar
Schecter Telecaster Guitar

Schecter Telecaster

In 1982 The Who were touring the States when somebody said "Hey roadie do you think Pete would try one of our guitars?"

The result was the Schecter Telecaster Blackjack.

Not sure of the age of this one serial # 0332256

It is a beautiful guitar.
With twin Seymour Duncans, 5 way tone switch and sounds incredible.

A real class act.

1973 Guild M85
Guild M85
vintage Guild guitar
73 vintage Guild M85 II bass guitar
1973 vintage Guild M85 II bass Guitar

1973 Vintage Guild M85

This is a Monster.

Played by Cheryl Crow and the legendary Brian Ray this is a 1973 vintage Guild M85 II bass guitar Serial Number 94035 that has had been modified to add a further switchable hum bucking pickup, which turns the beast into a stereo killing machine.

The original Guild specs:
Fast neck, hum bucking pickups, separate volume and tone controls, master volume, selector switches, tone switch, fully adjustable tailpiece. Overall length 45" body 1x" deep, 13" wide, 17" long. 18 frets, neck joins the body at 15th fret.
The condition is generally excellent and it is beautiful to play.

Gibson Expolrer Blond Bombshell vintage guitar 1983
Vintage 83 Gibson Explorer Blonde Bombshell
Gibson Guitar

Gibson Explorer Blonde Bombshell
Vintage 1983

Vintage 83' Gibson Explorer Blonde Bombshell

This vintage 83' Gibson Explorer is still kicking ***.
Great condition. Bought this one in South Carolina.
One small scuff at the upper inside of the neck the size of a pea, very light fading of the paint and some crazing to the finish. But these are very minor points for this guitar and I want to be completly honest with you. The 22 frets, which show no wear, and are ebony wood, the best wood available for an explorer. The body is solid mahogany with a break-through molded neck with a yellow or blonde finish. Some one or shop has customized it with vinyl stripes, which you can remove if you like. You can see light fading where one of the stripes was removed if you look closely.
It has dual Humbucker pickups with nickel plated hardware with a white pickup plate, A 3 position toggle switch for pickup selection: individual or both pickups simultaneously, and 3 top hat controls: 2 volume, one master.
It was made on July 1983 in Nashville, TN. The serial number is: 82153694.

There is also a hammer case that comes with the guitar, it is in decent shape on the inside and fits the guitar perfect. The outside of the case is a little rough.

I dont know when my wife will stop making me sell bits of my collection - that's what I get for moving to a smaller house.
I've only got 42 left and I love them all.

Claptons was sold for £83000, a crap new one is around £1300.

Very Rare Black 1996 Gibson Melody Maker II all American model
Gibson Melody Maker II   - very rare guitar
Gibson guitar - Melody Maker II
Gibson Melody Maker guitar
Gibson American Case

Gibson Melody Maker II
Very Rare Black 1996 All American Model

This is a very very rare Black 1996 Gibson Melody Maker II
All American Model that I bought in Atlanta Georgia.

Everything is original.

Guitar plays and sounds outstanding!
Pickups sound like P-90 meets a Tele.
Finish shows a little wear. Some checking, a few scratches and some dings.
Frets are perfect! Neck is straight. Lovely sculpted body. No cracks. No repairs.
Complete with fantastic Gibson America case

* Double cutaway Mahogany body * Set Mahogany neck * Rosewood fretboard * 24 frets * 2 Single coil pickups (hum cancelling when used together) * Fender style tremolo.

Very Rare 1996 Gibson The Paul II
Gibson The Paul II - very rare guitar 1996
Gibson The Paul II guitar
chrome hardware on the Very Rare 1996 Gibson The Paul II
Very Rare 1996 Gibson The Paul II - made in USA handcrafted in Nashville Tennessee
fitted Gibson case

Gibson The Paul II
Very Rare - 1996

Very Rare 1996 Gibson The Paul II.

Do not confuse this with the ordinary "The Paul"
As far as I am aware this was only made in 96/7.
Serial 93446400 with "Proudly made in USA. Handcrafted in Nashville Tennessee" decal on the back of the headstock.

Seymour Duncan Humbuckers, Jet Black with Chrome Hardware.

Complete in fitted Gibson case.

I bought it in Chattanooga, Tennessee on one of my "Lets find rare guitars" trips.
It could be yours, best of luck trying to find another in this country!

Check out my other rare guitars....

91 PRS
91 PRS
91 PRS

91 PRS custom

Just had to let you see my 91 PRS .
Don't ask cause its not for sale!

If you know of any PRS guitars for sale let me know...

PRS custom 24 moons
PRS custom 24 guitar
PRS custom 24
PRS custom 24 moons

PRS Custom 24 [moons]

This is the 7,137th Guitar made by Paul Reed Smith.

It was a brave person who shelled out $3000 back in 1989 when these were virtually unknown outside the USA.
This example is Black, completely unmarked top, I aquired it in Germany.

If you want to hear it make a racket press the racket button....

Or for a nicer sound press the nice button....

sounds of PRS custom 24 moons                       nicer sound of the PRS 24 custom

Very Rare 89 Fender HM Strat
Fender HM Strat - very rare American 1989
Hard Fender Case

Fender HM Strat
Very Rare '89

Here we have a Very rare American 89' Fender HM Strat Serial No:E916765.

Colour is Shocking Pink!

The two single coil pickups are standard Fender units, the rear is a DiMarzio humbucker.
One volume, two tones, 5 way switch and splitter switch for the rear pickup provide many tonal options.
The fretboard is rosewood.
The bridge is a Kahler with a locking nut. The vibrato bar is missing.
All the hardware is black. The body could be alder or basswood. The neck plate says "Fender USA".
This guitar doesn't sound like a typical standard Strat. The neck feels flatter and wider.
This is a very 80's looking guitar . The former owner had a studded strap on this guitar that he also kept in the case.
There are some chips and light scratches on the back of the body but no cracks.
Included is a hard fender case. These are becoming harder and harder to find, has amazing tones and is VERY VERY collectable.

Try and find another one!!!!!

Gretsch Resonator Dobro Guitar - 1920-30s
Gretsch Resonator Dobro Guitar - 1920-30s with case and American sheet music
Gretsch Resonator Dobro Guitar - perfect condition

Gretsch Resonator Dobro
Guitar with case and
American sheet music

Antique 1920/30's Gretsch Resonator Dobro Guitar.

Perfect for lap steel, the guitar is in perfect condition with its own case [slightly battered] and even has American sheet music from the Thirties inside the case.

Ibanez 2402 DX custom
Ibanez 2402 DX custom
Ibanez 2402DX

Ibanez 2402DX Custom

Here we have the much sought-after and very highly regarded (as well as very rare) Ibanez 2402DX WH Custom.

The guitar, made in August 1978, is white with gold coloured hardware and comes in it's original flight case - it is the last one ever made.

There is some tarnishing on the hardware - as you would expect from such a well loved beast as this!
This guitar is referred to in certain circles as 'the Litigation model', in deference to the lawsuit filed by Gibson, who sued Ibanez for getting way too close (allegedly)!

Both necks are in perfect order, with plenty of life in the frets.

If you want to see any bigger pictures or have any questions please e-mail and I will do my best to oblige

This is one really serious instrument with a truly awesome feel and tone!

"The Paul"
Gibson "The Paul" Autographed
Autographed by the Great man himself

Just thought I would let you see a lot of people's favourite Gibson. If you delve into Harmony Central and read the reviews of "The Paul" you will see why. This one is a 1979. What makes it so unique is that it is autographed by the great man himself. If you dont have £10,000 dont even ask!

1977 Guild M-80.

Guild and Les Paul together. Guild is on the left.

This is my 1977 Guild M-80 made in Westerly, Rhode Island.
I have two of these so I am selling this one since I need the room.....even having two, this is very hard to part with.
The body simply resonates sound without even plugging in..... Plays and sounds amazing. Original Dimarzio pickups, master volume knob, and coil-splitting switch (sweet switch) all work and sound wonderful. Set up with 10s and super great action (pretty low). No buzzing of the neck at all. Grover tuners stay in tune great.
No breaks, repairs, or cracks, but some little bumps and dings here and there (almost thirty years old now).

By 1977, Guild had located the tailpiece closer to the roller-bridge for better tuning stability. All solid mahogany body and neck with a carved maple top. Huge block inlays, etc....
She is sweet. I added Dunlop strap-locks which I will keep on her so you don't drop her.
Original strap buttons included, as well.
Original hard case included.
It is actually heavier than the Les Paul.
This is one very rare Gem. Oozes Quality!

Ovation Viper Solid Electric 1970's Guitar
ovation viper guitar

Ovation Viper
Solid Electric 1970's

Ovation Viper Solid Electric 1970's

Best known for their acoustics of which I have 5, this is a superb instrument made in New Hartford, Connecticut at the original factory.

Very like a strat in tone, this is one for the Blues or also very clean for everything else.

These are so scarce nowadays, a true classic.

Fender Eric Clapton "Blackie" Signature. American Model
Fender Eric Clapton "Blackie" Signature. American Model

Fender Eric Clapton
"Blackie" Signature.
American Model

Fender Eric Clapton "Blackie" Signature. American Model

We all know Eric's "Blackie" fetched £1000,000 at auction.

Here is your chance!

This has the active lace pickup system designed for Eric and having personally played with him in 1962, I know where this guitar is coming from.

Epiphone Cortez    Epiphone Cortez 1964 Guitar  Epiphone label on guitar  Epiphone Cortez guitar
1964 Epiphone Cortez

This is a 1964 Epiphone "Cortez" made when Epiphone were still Epiphone[check the label]

As used by the likes of Bert Jansch and also the great acoustic Blues players from bygone days this plays like a dream.

Enquire, if you catch me on a good day I might sell it.

Please contact me by:

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Tel: 01292 267203
Email: ian@rare-guitars.co.uk


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